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Order your NITE Delivery

NITE Delivery now available!

We miss the feeling of the theatre more than we could ever imagine. And although it’s not the same, with the innovative NITE Delivery project we aim for a meaningful, magical theatre experience during corona restrictions. NITE Delivery is eight weeks of performances by the interdisciplinary NITE ensemble delivered at your doorstep. In these eight weeks we tell the story of the ‘new normal’ in the most abnormal way. Together we search for the magical theatre feeling we’ve all been deprived of.

Choose The Bag or The Box

NITE Delivery packages start at just €10 a week. You can choose for ‘The Bag’ or ‘The Box’. The Bag includes our super-fashionable and one-of-a-kind NITE delivery tote-bag and some small yet thoughtful – because we love you! – surprises. With The Box you’ll get our designer designed Box (what’s in a name!) which includes exclusive artworks like a board game for normal people, amazing photographic prints for your boring walls, bottled poetry and more. This amazing Box is the full NITE Delivery experience, with a chance to win a delivery at your home by our very own ensemble!



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