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We don’t know everything.
We know nothing.
We ask questions.

At NITE and Club Guy & Roni, learning is central; every day we learn from each other, we try to question our own prejudices and step out of our own comfort zone. This attitude, which is common during an artistic process, can be applied in many ways in your own life. Are you interested in getting to know NITE and/or Club Guy & Roni with your pupils or students?

This can be done in different ways: at our house, during a performance visit or at your school!

“Starting a movement is an energetic form of collaboration. It fits our ambition. What we have to say is about how our work is created, about our values and beliefs, about why we make theatre.” – Guy Weizman, Artistic Director NITE + Club Guy & Roni

Participating, exchanging and ‘belonging’ is possible with us both inside and outside school. Our extracurricular offer is bundled in 2JOIN and Bab Ad-daar. Pupils who would like to learn more or participate in our activities in their spare time are welcome in these communities.

The possibilities during school hours and/or in class can be found on this page.

We prefer to shape our education plans together with (education) professionals, so if you have any ideas or questions, please let us know!


Meeting and connecting with ‘education’ is very important to us; in this way we reach (young) people and work on equal opportunities when it comes to access to cultural offerings. In addition, it offers us the opportunity to get acquainted and to be inspired by talking to young people who would not just come to us.

With our educational offer, we want to contribute to meaningful educational experiences and we hope to be able to support the mission that schools have for their students. We see the meeting with our audience as a conversation space where we can learn from each other in an equal way; that can be done by talking and by making. We would like to meet you in different ways during and outside school hours.

Our home port is Groningen. There we invent and make (most of) the performances in De Machinefabriek and in our studios at De Kunstwerf; a vibrant and inspiring place where various cultural companies and institutions are located. We would like to welcome young people to get to know each other through a rehearsal visit / workshop and / or short tour of our workplace.

We make about three or four traveling productions per year. Two large hall productions, and two small hall productions. In addition, we often play a festival performance or special (such as Weekend Break). Most of our performances are extremely suitable to visit with students.

For each production we look at what age the performance is suitable for. Our makers are given the specific assignment to make work that is suitable for visiting with a class. We provide age advice and a theme/viewing guide for each performance. For all performances, we create educational programs that prepare the students for their visit, and those programs change in form. An introduction is often developed for performances that can also be given at school. Feel free to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Because we also like to get to know your environment, we also develop performances that can be performed at school. This season it’s FREEDOM at SCHOOL.

In addition, it is of course also possible to request (non) performance related workshops.

For more information or to make a (price) request regarding the above components, please use the contact details below.

Anouk Rutten (Interim head of education)

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