Guy & Roni to join Akademie van Kunsten (Academy of Arts) - Nite

Guy & Roni to join Akademie van Kunsten (Academy of Arts)

The Academy of Arts has six new members, including ‘our’ Roni Haver and Guy Weizman!

The Academy aims to represent the voice of the arts in Dutch society and promote interaction between the arts themselves, between art and society and between science and art. The members of the Academy of Arts originate from the entire scope of the arts and are chosen as members on the basis of their artistic merits.

“Weizman distinguishes himself with very physical performances in which he combines dance, fashion, music, text, video, form and content into a total experience in which all disciplines are equal.”

“Tightly executed, meticulous choreographies are typical of her work. She demands extreme precision, high energy and deep concentration from her dancers. This makes her largely responsible for the characteristic explosive energy of the dancers of Club Guy & Roni.”

Congratulations Guy & Roni!

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